Aleurites moluccanus

Common name: Candlenut tree, Kukui
Family: Euphorbiaceae (Spurge)
Distribution: throughout the Pacific Islands
Habitat: well-drained, moist, slightly acidic soils. It can reach elevations of 1200 m (3900 ft.) close to the Equator, but only reaches 700 m (2300 ft.) in Hawaii. It typically grows in mesic environments, but is apparently unaffected by varying patterns of rainfall, especially since it often grows close to streams. It generally grows in areas with a mean annual rainfall range of 640-4290 mm and a mean of 1940 mm (Elevitch and Manner, 2006). However, it can tolerate as little as 200 mm annual rainfall in Indonesia and once fully grown, A. moluccanus tolerates drought reasonably well (Krisnawati et al., 2011). It grows in areas with a mean annual temperature of 19–27°C and is estimated to tolerate temperatures no colder than 8°C (Elevitch and Manner, 2006).
Life form: Tree
Usage: Purgitive, Moisturizer, Dye, oil of the white kernels being extracted for its use in stone lamps and in ti leaf sheath torches.


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