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Alismataceae Water-plantain family

Author: Venten.
Description: Angiosperm, Monocot
Annual (rarely), or perennial; with a basal aggregation of leaves; rhizomatous. Hydrophytic, or helophytic; rooted. Leaves submerged and emergent. Heterophyllous (often), or not heterophyllous. Flowers aggregated in ‘inflorescences’ (usually), or solitary. The ultimate inflorescence unit cymose, or racemose.[1]


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Echinodorus berteroi

Echinodorus berteroiAccession Number: ALIS-011-9-21-001
Author: (Spreng.) Fassett
Common Name: Upright Burhead
Habit: Aquatic Perennial Herb
Origin: North America, Caribbean
Garden Location: Gate Area In Welcome Pond

Echinodorus cordifolius 'Marble Queen'

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Accession Number: ALIS-13-7-4-2
Habit: Aquatic plant
Origin: United States, Mexico
Uses: Aquarium plant
Garden Location: Nursery

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Sagittaria subulata

Sagittaria subulataAccession Number: ALIS-13-7-4-1
Author: (L.) Buchenau
Habit: Aquatic plant
Origin: Eastern United States
Uses: Aquarium plant
Garden Location: In The Birdhouse