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Garden Improvements – The Welcome Pond

  Water Lilies thriving in the Welcome Pond The Garden is always growing and improving! Behind the Garden Entrance Gate was an area densely packed with various trees and impressive rock formations surrounding a natural blue-rock pond. In order to … Continue reading

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Saving Rare and Endangered Palms

Palm Vista at HTBG Part of our mission at Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden is to educate our visitors about the endangerment of the world’s rainforests and to acquire, preserve and propagate as many rare and endangered tropical plant species as … Continue reading

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The Garden’s Ginger Collection is in full bloom

June is an excellent time to see the Garden’s collection of Gingers, particularly the Honeycomb Gingers (Zingiber spectabile) See the slideshow in fullscreen.

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The Garden’s Magnificent Heliconia Collection

Heliconia Latispaha X Heliconia imbricata cv. “Jose Abalo” When the world’s foremost expert on Heliconias, the late Mr. Fred Berry, visited Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden he marveled at the size of our Heliconia mariae and wondered aloud how Garden Founder … Continue reading

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Anthurium Corner

A beautiful new addition to the Garden is Anthurium Corner. This area was made possible in part by our newest Benefactor, Marian Kobayashi who, as a tribute to her late parents, (Anthurium farmers for many years on the Big Island) … Continue reading

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Garden Improvements – Revitalizing Lily Lake

Twenty years ago, Garden Founder Dan Lutkenhouse envisioned adding a large pond in the center of the Garden as a home for Koi and Goldfish and as a showcase for Water Lilies and other aquatic plants. He and the Garden … Continue reading

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Dan Lutkenhouse Memorial

In honor of the Garden’s Founder Dan Lutkenhouse, a bronze Bas-Relief and name-plate has been created and mounted on a specially chosen, two-ton, flat-faced stone near the Garden’s Entrance Gate.

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From Pauline Lutkenhouse – On the Passing of Dan

June 8, 1977 was the first day Dan Lutkenhouse stepped foot onto The Big Island of Hawaii; it was also his birthday.  He and I toured the island and were shown the property on Onomea Bay that is now  Hawaii  … Continue reading

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Garden Founder Dan Lutkenhouse has passed away

Dan Lutkenhouse was born in Cleveland, Ohio, June 8th, 1921, son of  Ethelind and John Lutkenhouse.  His father John was a civil engineer who taught Dan how to build, create, and  work hard, while his mother Ethelind taught Dan to … Continue reading

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Garden Improvements – The Founders’ Birdhouse

The Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden and Nature Preserve has been enjoyed by local people and visitors alike for over thirty years. To date, over three million visitors have roamed the winding garden paths of our beautiful Onomea Valley and the … Continue reading

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