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Garden Founder Dan Lutkenhouse has passed away

Dan Lutkenhouse was born in Cleveland, Ohio, June 8th, 1921, son of  Ethelind and John Lutkenhouse.  His father John was a civil engineer who taught Dan how to build, create, and  work hard, while his mother Ethelind taught Dan to … Continue reading

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Garden Improvements – The Founders’ Birdhouse

The Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden and Nature Preserve has been enjoyed by local people and visitors alike for over thirty years. To date, over three million visitors have roamed the winding garden paths of our beautiful Onomea Valley and the … Continue reading

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Was that a Hummingbird?

Our Garden and Gift Shop staff are often asked by visitors, “Was that a Hummingbird I saw?” The answer is No, Hummingbirds are not found in Hawaii.  The small creature they are referring to is a day-flying moth. Two species … Continue reading

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Durian- The King of Tropical Fruits

Durian fruits An impressive sight in our Garden is our Durian (Durio zibethinus), a tropical lowland tree native to Southeast Asia that is often referred to as the “King of Fruits”.   This regal tree has a massive,  straight trunk that … Continue reading

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Dan & Pauline Lutkenhouse & Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden Scholarship Winner 2005-2006

In 1994 Dan and Pauline Lutkenhouse established a scholarship and educational fund dedicated to providing college scholarships to benefit children from the Hilo and Hamakua areas. Eligibility for the scholarship requires that the applicant major in agriculture, sciences, medicine or … Continue reading

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Garden Founder Celebrates His 84th Birthday!

Garden Founder, Dan Lutkenhouse, pictured with several Durian fruits from the Garden’s tree Our Founder, Dan Lutkenhouse, celebrated his 84th birthday on June 8, with the Garden staff and close friends. Our office was quite a festive place, decorated with … Continue reading

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New Plants and Special Guests

Several important additions have been made to the Garden’s plant collections over recent months. Six species of flowering trees have been added that were not previously represented.   Three specimens of the rare Golden Gardenia (Gardenia sootepensis)  from Thailand were planted … Continue reading

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Filming in the Garden

Jake Shimabukuro at the Garden A number of filming events have occurred in the Garden over the past several months. The Garden’s great beauty is used to advantage in promoting products in advertising, promoting the State of Hawaii to attract … Continue reading

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