Garden Improvements – The Welcome Pond

Water Lilies thriving in the Welcome Pond 

Water Lilies thriving in the Welcome Pond

The Garden is always growing and improving! Behind the Garden Entrance Gate was an area densely packed with various trees and impressive rock formations surrounding a natural blue-rock pond. In order to better highlight the pond and rock formations, several trees were removed to expand the viewing area. Garden staff excavated the pond and populated it with an array of eye-catching water lilies. All around the pond a beautiful groundcover Hemigraphis colorata was planted and several Medinilla magnifica are now perched upon the rocks, showing their bright pink flowers. Visitors now have a new feature to enjoy as they first enter the Garden. We call it the “Welcome Pond”.

The Garden has also added many Vireyas or Tropical Rhododendrons to its collection. Vireyas have exotic, wonderfully scented, vibrant flowers. Most of the 300 species grow in tropical but mountainous regions in New Guinea, Borneo, Sulawesi, Sumatra and the Philippines.

Many grow epiphytically (without soil) in tall trees in cloud forests and are cold hardy to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. We have planted our Vireyas on the lava cliff side of the Boardwalk.

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