Filming in the Garden

Jake Shimabukuro

Jake Shimabukuro at the Garden

A number of filming events have occurred in the Garden over the past several months. The Garden’s great beauty is used to advantage in promoting products in advertising, promoting the State of Hawaii to attract visitors from foreign lands and even as an exotic backdrop for a TV reality show.

The Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau (HVCB) and Hawaii Tourism Japan (HTJ), a subsidiary of a large Japanese marketing company,  arranged to shoot photos in the Garden to promote Hawaii in Japan through their ad campaign: “Six Islands – Six Surprises.” The ad features our local famous ukulele virtuoso,  Jake Shimabukuro, as the spokesperson showing “unexpected sights of Hawaii for the Japanese.” It will feature television and radio commercials with Shimabukuro and his original score “Rainbow,” composed for this campaign.  The agency will release a 28-page Hawaii Planning and Sales Guide to make travel agents aware of the “off-the-beaten-track” things to do in Hawaii. A number of posters were created that present Jake before backdrops of Hawaii scenery and these are currently being displayed in Japan’s subway stations and travel agencies. The Garden was used as the location for the “Green Hawaii” posters.   On a very rainy morning, photographers set up at one of the Garden’s upper waterfalls to capture the perfect shot of the ukulele legend,  standing in the rain with a broad and welcoming smile of aloha,  with the waterfall backdrop.   It appears the ad is serving well as the HVCB reports significant increases in visitor arrivals from Japan.

The Proctor & Gamble subsidiary,  Febreze,  was in the Garden to film ad footage in promotion of their latest product: Scentstories, ” a whole new way to experience scents in ihe home.”  The segment filmed in the Garden is to promote the “Tropical Rainforest” scent disc, which is to be released to the market soon.   The project entailed a grand decoration of the three-tier Onomea Falls with thousands of orchids, orange trees, banana trees as well as a wide assortment of exotic tropical flowers.  NBC’s popular reality show, ” Average Joe: Hawaii,” was here to film for a one-day date that one lucky “Average Joe” won on the show.   The episode featured the couple entering the Garden through our beautiful iron gate, walking down the entrance boardwalk and talking with each other at Onomea Falls and in the Palm Jungle.

In early March, Panasonic Visuals will film to promote the Garden as a prime Hawaii visitor destination ina program to be aired on Japanese Travel Channel.

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