Anthurium Corner

A beautiful new addition to the Garden is Anthurium Corner. This area was made possible in part by our newest Benefactor, Marian Kobayashi who, as a tribute to her late parents, (Anthurium farmers for many years on the Big Island) donated $10,000.

Anthurium Corner

Anthurium Corner features every shade of Anthurium andraeanum nestled under a large Mulesfoot Fern (Angiopteris evecta).

This magical corner features every shade of Anthurium andraeanum (Araceae family) nestled beneath a large prehistoric-looking Mulesfoot Fern (Angiopteris evecta). The giant fern provides shade that these Anthuriums need to thrive. A bench across the path from this colorful bounty provides a quiet place to sit and admire the beauty.

Anthurium cupulispathum.

Anthurium cupulispathum

In addition to Anthurium Corner, the Garden has a large collection of species Anthuriums on display. One eye-catching species is Anthurium cupulispathum. Native to Ecuador, this Aroid has become a favorite of garden visitors. Its huge inflorescence is a sight to behold; the petal-like spathe forms a cover or “cupola” over the enormous hanging flower-bearing spadix. The spadix can reach up to three feet long and can host thousands of tiny flowers.

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