What’s Blooming? Darwin’s Orchid, Angraecum sesquipedae

<i><b>Angraecum sesquipedale</b></i> Darwin's Orchid 

Angraecum sesquipedale Darwin’s Orchid

Blooming Today at Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden is Angraecum sesquipedale.  Its called Darwin’s Orchid because naturalist Charles Darwin predicted that because of its long spurs the flower must be pollinated by an undiscovered moth with a proboscis the length of which had never been seen.

His prediction was verified 21 years after his death when the moth (Xanthopan morganii praedicta) was discovered. Read More at www.angraecum.org

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2 comments on “What’s Blooming? Darwin’s Orchid, Angraecum sesquipedae

  1. Rae Hallstrom on said:

    I’d heard of this orchid and Darwin’s accurate prediction, but had never seen a picture of it. Stunning! Please tell us what it smells like.

  2. garden on said:

    Thanks Rae, The orchid does not have an aroma.

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