Curtis J. Malia Member of the HTBG Board

The Board of Directors of Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden has recently elected Curtis J. Malia to serve as a Member of the Board.

Curtis’s election to our Board is particularly poignant to our Directors. Officers and Staff because he is the husband of our beloved late Board Member, Amy Evans.
He is employed as a Police Radio Operator 911 Emergency Operator, and Police Radio Dispatcher for the County of Hawaii, which encompasses the entire Island of Hawaii.

He has been in this difficult position for 23 years and part of his important work is to train Dispatchers. In a career that normally can only last approximately 5 years because of the stress associated with 911 matters, his 23-year dedication to his profession is astounding and to be highly commended. This is a tribute to Curtis’s life-long passion to help people in need.

HTBG welcomes Curtis J. Malia to serve as a Board Member and thanks him for his interest in assisting in the Garden’s future success.

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