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Coconut and Other Palm Trees

Of all the types of palm trees, many people here in Hawai‘i are most familiar with the coconut palm, Cocos nucifera. It’s the tree that says, “tropics.” But there’s so much more to the coconut palm. Its fruit, the niu or coconut, … Continue reading

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Polynesian Canoe Plants, Including Breadfruit, Taro, and Coconut: the Ultimate in Sustainability Planning

Do you know about “canoe plants?” These are the plants—such as kalo (taro), ‘ulu (breadfruit), and niu (coconut), among others—that  Polynesians brought in their carefully-stocked voyaging canoes perhaps 1,600 years ago when they first settled in Hawai‘i. Canoe plants are one more piece … Continue reading

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